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    AllMatters boasts a compelling story of co-founders Gitte Dalberg-Larsen and William Ravn. In 2012, William's pivotal moment came when he stumbled upon a Danish news article discussing the benefits of menstrual cups. Noticing the lack of innovation in this industry for over five decades, he was inspired to make a difference. Leveraging his background in product design and a deep commitment to sustainable packaging, William crafted the award-winning menstrual cup and sustainable packaging that remains integral to the company, then known as OrganiCup.

    Gitte now leads AllMatters as CEO. Her vision is clear: small changes can lead to significant impacts. By embracing their products and joining their community, consumers can champion the movement to break period taboos, eradicate period shame, and alleviate period-related poverty for all, all while leading a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

    AllMatters believes in empowering women globally to make informed choices and live their lives without inconvenience or compromise. Their mission is aligned with your commitment to reduce single-use plastic and offer eco-friendly alternatives. They share your passion for creating a more sustainable world by promoting products with plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, along with ethically sourced offerings.

    In line with this philosophy, is their commitment to over 60 nonprofit partners. Together, they have donated and distributed approximately 30,000 menstrual cups in their fight against period poverty, locally and internationally

    21 products
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