Eco Dish Sponges - Single Layer 3-Pack

ME Mother Earth Eco Dish Sponge. Single Layer, Biodegradable Loofah, In Plastic-Free Kraft Paper Sleeve On White Background.
ME Mother Earth Eco Dish Sponge Three Pack. 100% Biodegradable Loofah In Use At Kitchen Sink.
ME Mother Earth Eco Dish Sponge. Three, Single-Layer, Biodegradable Loofah Sponges, On White Background.
ME Mother Earth Eco Dish Sponge Three Pack. 100% Biodegradable Loofah In Use At Kitchen Sink.

Eco Dish Sponges - Single Layer 3-Pack

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An eco-friendly alternative to traditional sponges. This set includes three sponges are entirely plastic-free, crafted from sustainable loofah plants. They are versatile! Use them for dishwashing, scrubbing, kitchen and household cleaning, and even use in the bath. When exposed to water, they expand and soften, performing just like a typical dish sponge.
To keep these sponges in prime condition, simply rinse them, squeeze out any excess water, and place them in a dry area to allow water to drain between uses. For added peace of mind, you can disinfect them by soaking in vinegar or submerging them in boiling water for a quick 5-minute treatment. Choose our Eco Dish Sponges to embrace a more sustainable and effective way of cleaning.

Materials: 100% loofah plant
Approx. Size: 3.25 x 5 inches
Packaging: Kraft paper sleeve

Partners in life and business, Alberto and Amanda started ME Mother Earth with just one product, a collapsible straw kit. As seasoned travelers, they knew convenience of a reusable utensil kit would be essential in eliminating single-use plastic on their trips, so they included one with their straw! After selling locally and interacting with their local community, they were driven to offer more plastic-free products. They continue to learn and grow in their own sustainable practices, like many of us. With an authentic love of Mother Earth, they share their experiences and support others along their journey to a plastic-free lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

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Joyce B
Who knew?

I've used loofah in the shower before, but never would have thought to use it for scrubbing. I really like these. A lot! It's one less plastic thing to pollute the earth and it's quite effective. If I have really stuck-on debris on my pans or dishes, I add an eco-friendly scouring powder. When these wear out, I'll toss the old ones in the compost and start fresh with new ones. Thanks for offering these. I'm a convert!

E Ragsdale
Better than plastic sponges!

I truly prefer these to plastic sponges in every way. They have a longer usable life for me and don’t get funky and stinky with pilling on the scrub side like plastic sponges. Most importantly they don’t shed micro plastics into the water. When they finally wear away to being unusable I just toss them in the compost. Really happy to find these!