Plastic-Free Scrub Brush for Pots & Pans

ME Mother Earth Scrub Brush for Pots & Pans. Includes Twine for Hanging to Dry.
ME Mother Earth Scrub Brush for Pots & Pans, Hanging from Fingers.

Plastic-Free Scrub Brush for Pots & Pans

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Swap out steel wool and plastic pot scrubbers with this exceptional 100% biodegradable scrub brush. For use in your kitchen or anywhere you need extra scrubbing power. Designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, it excels at removing tough stains, stubborn food residues, and even pesky jar labels. Ideal for tackling tub and shower build-up, it proves its versatility on various surfaces and shines when working with cast iron skillets and pots.

This eco-conscious scrub brush is designed to last, with a usage span of 6 months to a year. It's 100% biodegradable, ensuring a sustainable product lifecycle. To maintain its condition, hang it to dry between uses or place it on a dry towel, allowing the bristles to drain. Avoid prolonged submersion in water, as it may lead to handle cracks and bristle loosening. If needed, you can clean the bristles with vinegar to eliminate bacteria. Make the eco-friendly choice with this versatile scrub brush, and embrace a greener approach to your cleaning routines.

Materials: Bamboo, palm and sisal (agave plant), natural twine
Approx. Size: 2.5 x 3.25 inches
Packaging: Kraft paper tag

        Partners in life and business, Alberto and Amanda started ME Mother Earth with just one product, a collapsible straw kit. As seasoned travelers, they knew convenience of a reusable utensil kit would be essential in eliminating single-use plastic on their trips, so they included one with their straw! After selling locally and interacting with their local community, they were driven to offer more plastic-free products. They continue to learn and grow in their own sustainable practices, like many of us. With an authentic love of Mother Earth, they share their experiences and support others along their journey to a plastic-free lifestyle.

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